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Hammonds - Still Pioneering after 140 years

For almost six generations, Hammonds has remained a family-owned company that is dedicated to sharing it’s unmatched experienced with anyone who is painting or decorating, whether they are master painters or DIY home owners.  Our specialised knowledge, expertise and advice has helped thousands of people ensure they achieve the very best results with a minimum of time, effort and cost. 

Our stores around Western Victoria give us a rural focus where neighbourliness still seems to thrive more than in the nation’s capital cities and a sense of community permeates our business and our thinking.

As our advertising has consistently promised for decades, we will help you avoid costly mistakes (like being penny wise and pounds foolish) and ensure you have everything you need (including knowhow) to achieve the perfect finish.


Five Months at Sea

In 1840, Joseph Robert Hammond and his bride, Helenah, spent five grueling months aboard the Neptune, arriving in Australia only to find that hard times seemed to have followed them from Ireland. The couple lived in and around Victoria, settling in Port Fairy in 1843, where they took up residence at the Merrijig Hotel. Four years later, the pioneers moved to Hexham where their son, Joseph Charles Hammond, one of eleven children, was born.

Painter's Apprentice

Joseph was apprenticed to Mr. William Norman's painting and plumbing business whose son, Fred, later won the Melbourne Cup in 1921. Joseph developed a passion for thoroughbreds and rode in many district race meetings. In 1884, he took up his trade as a painter and decorator, establishing Hammond and Sons on the corner of Fairy and Lava Streets, Warrnambool, where the business is still located today.

Lasting Legacies

Joseph was succeeded by his son Thomas, who son Frank then continued the business who, in turn, passed the Hammonds on to his nephew, John Rule. Five generations later, John Rule's son, Nicholas runs the business with fierce pride in its heritage and the high standards that it has maintained for more than 125 years. Even Joseph's interest in horses is still maintained my members of the family.

Broadening Horizons

Hammonds have developed an enviable reputation over the years as honest traders who have specialised in painting, decorating and contracting against the trends of generalisation, self-service and the impersonalisation of the retail environment. The company opened in Portland in 1974, Hamilton in 1988 and acquired The Painter's Pot in Swan Hill ten years later.

Back to the Future

Managing Director, Nicholas Rule says: "In some ways, our past is our future. Taking a genuine interest in our customers and always doing our level best to help them achieve the best results is a foundation of the business that hasn't changed. But at the same time, we've never been slow to adopt and harness the latest technology to ensure that our customers receive the benefits, whether it's new durable coatings, computer aided design and decorating or computer tinting to find just the right shade.


157 Fairy Street
Warrnambool VICTORIA 3280
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104 Skipton St
Ballarat VICTORIA 3350
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60 Brown Street
Hamilton VICTORIA 3300
Phone: 03 5572 2397
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35 Julia Street
Portland VICTORIA 3300
Phone: 03 5523 2850
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2 Nyah Road
Swan Hill VICTORIA 3585
Phone: 03 5032 9470
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